PS 310 Series Profile || ATEK || Made in Türkiye

Suitable for MLS 110/120/130/210 series
Extra easy mounting
Double seal protection
Sturdy aluminum housing
Unlimited mechanical life
IP67 protection class

Magnetic reader sensors are the bearing-type profile designed for MLS 110/120/130/210 series; extra protection against chips and burrs with double seal protection; B series integrated in 5mm magnetic tape profile; contactless, frictionless measurement

Body Material Protection Class Reader Sensor-Tape Operating Distance Datasheet
Aluminum IP 67 1,5 mm (Max 2,5 mm)
  • MLS 110/120/130/210 Series magnetic profiled tape integrated profile
  • Extra easy installation possibility
  • Fully shielded against chips and burrs with double seal protection system
  • Robust aluminum body for complete protection
  • Insensitive to external factors such as moisture, oil and dust
  • Unlimited mechanical life due to contactless and frictionless operation


Reader Sensor-Tape Operating Distance

1,5 mm (max 2,5 mm)

Magnetic Tape Type

B5 (Optional B2)


Infinite (Contactless)

Body Material

Aluminum Closed Profile

Protection Class


Operating Temperature

-25°C … +85°C

  • Used with MLS 110/120/130/210 series reader sensors