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Shake detection in 3 axes
Keeping the last 100 earthquake events in memory and viewing them from the menu
Automatic offset feature
Up to 24 hours of operation with internal battery for situations such as power outages
Programmable 4 dry contact relays and 12V 5A solenoid output
7 language options (Turkish, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch)

Shake detection in 3 axes; automatically cut off gas and energy and stop the elevator in case of an earthquake; 4 programmable dry contact relays and 1 12V 5A solenoid output; Visual and audible warning in case of earthquake; 100 event log memories; up to 24 hours of operation on battery during power outages; easy installation and use with user-friendly interface

 Detection Plane Frequency Range Output Supply Voltage Battery Capacity  Datasheet
X, Y, Z (3 axis) 1…7,7Hz 1 x 12VDC 5A solenoid
4 x dry contact relay (250V 10A)
85-305 VAC, 47-440 Hz 12VDC, 2.2Ah

Shaking detection in 3 axes
Thanks to its automatic offset feature, that is, its location detection feature, it is ready to detect earthquakes without the need to make any settings.
Thanks to the fire/gas detector and fire button input on it; In addition to detecting the earthquake, other alarm situations can also be monitored
4 dry contact relay outputs (220VDC/250VAC or 24VDC);
Audible warning with buzzer and visual warning with LEDs in case of earthquake and fire
Small structure, easy mounting

Shaking detection in 3 axes; In addition to earthquake detection, other alarm situations can be monitored with the external fire/gas detector and fire button input; With 4 dry contact relay outputs, systems such as elevators, electricity, emergency lighting etc. can be controlled in case of earthquake or fire; audible warning in case of earthquake; small and compact structure

 Detection Plane Frequency Range Input Output Supply Voltage Datasheet
X, Y, Z (3 axis) 1…7,7Hz 1 x button and 1 x fire/gas dedector with relay 4 x dry contact relay (24VDC 1A or 220VDC/250VAC 2A) 12-24VDC