TP1 Series || NOVOTECHNIK || Made in Germany

Non-contact measurement
IP68 protection class
Digital SSI, CANopen, start-stop Incremental output options
Analog output options
Robust housing
EMC protection with galvanic isolation

Measures with non-contact and magnetostiric principle in robust profile. Provides endless mechanical life because it works without friction. It does not lose position information in case of power cuts because it works as absolute. It is insensitive to dirt, dust or moisture and is therefore suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.

Measuring Range Output Koruma Linearity Datasheet
 50 – 4250 mm Analog (current or voltage), Start-Stop, SSI, Incremental, CANopen  IP 68 ≤±%0.02 FS
  • Unlimited mechanical life with non-contact magnetostrictive principle
  • Absolute operating, that is, no loss of position information in case of power cuts
  • Extra resistance to vibration and impact
  • With IP68 protection level, it is not affected by bad environmental conditions such as heat, dust, oil, humidity and electrical noise
  • Since there is no cable connection in the magnetic reader sensor, there are no cables that are constantly moving and breaking over time
  • Minimum EMC problems with galvanic isolation
  • Analog or digital output options (SSI, CANopen, Incremental, Start-Stop)


Stroke Values

Different models between 0…50 mm and 4250 mm


Analog: 16 bit
Incremental: 1 μm, 5 μm (with 4-fold interpretation)
SSI: 1 μm, 5 μm or 10 μm
Start-Stop Pulse: 2800 ms -1
CANopen: 1 μm or 5 μm


For Analog Output: ≤ 0,03 % FS
For Digital Output: ≤ 6μm

Output Signals

Analog output: 0 – 10 VDC , 4 – 20 mA , 0 – 20mA (400 series)
Incremental (800 series)
CANopen Interface (600 series)
SSI Interface (200 series)
Start-Stop impulse interface (100 series)

Update Rate

16 kHz

Overvoltage Protection

40 VDC (has reverse polarity protection)

Supply Voltage

For Analog models: 19…30 VDC
For Digital models: 13…34 VDC

Protection Class

IP68 or IP67

Operating Temperature

-40°C … +85°C


Mechanically unlimited

Electrical Connection

With cable or Socket

Positon Markers

Z-TP1 P06 Floating positon marker – 0.5 … 3 mm working distance
Z-TP1-P07 Floating positon marker for large distances – 3 … 12 mm working distance
Z-TP1-P08 Guided position marker- Easy to mount with joint

  • Presses
  • Transfer Machines
  • Metal Processing Machinery
  • Plastic Injection Molding Machines
  • Aluminum Injection Molding Machines
  • Textile Machinery
  • Marble Machines
  • Packaging, Bottling and Food Machinery
  • Testing Machines
  • Robots and Automation