About Us

About us
Alfa Electronics has certainly been the market leader for position control sensors and mesuring devices industries in Turkey since its entablishment in 2002. We have been co-working and partnering with worldwide known brands as high tech German Novotechnik and Swiss quality Contelec companies for products such as linear position transducers, rotary position sensors or industrial potentiometers. Furthermore, we have also been longtime partner with Italian brand Fiama for counters, indicators, encoders; and proven worldwide leader for pressure teransmitters Trafag from Switzerland. We are also proudly Turkey distributor of Finetek from Taiwan for level and fluid sensors; and Gneuss from Germany for high end automation solutions for plastic and polymer industries.

All of our sensors which are now well being used in Turkey and throughout the whole world, for measuring linear and circular movements of various kinds of machinery; such as linear transducers, non-contacting magnetic encoders, rotary sensors, draw wire sensors, optical linear scales, digital readout systems, pressure transmitters and potentiometers are completely hassle-free, long-lasting and high quality.

Our wide product range allows us to always find the optimal customized solutions for our customers in various industries with different applications for measuring, such as plastic injection machinery, iron and steel machinery, packaging machinery, wood marble and glassworking machinery, bending machinery as press brakes, textile machinery, hydraulics, robotics etc.

Our Mission

To provide the right quality / price ratio, to meet the consumer expectations at the highest level with its wide range of products and to be a “technology” company that adheres to economic and moral principles, respects society and the environment, researches, learns and develops itself continuously.

Our Vision

To be one of the best and innovative companies in the world in our sector, to reach a wider audience with our product and service quality and always to be the first choice of consumers.

Our Values

Customer orientation
Quality and Innovation

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