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For use with PLC/DCS systems
0-10mm/sn to 0-100mm/sn velocity ranges
Less than 5% sensitivity
10Hz to 1Khz frequency response
4-20mA output
1/4 28″ UNF, M6x1mm, M8x1.25mm, M10x1.5mm etc. connection options
M12 connector
IP67 protection

Accelerometer for use with PLC/DCS systems; Customisable features

Velocity Range Output  Mounted Base Resonance  Protection Sensitivity Datasheet
0-10mm/sn, 0-20mm/sn, 0-25mm/sn, 0-50mm/sn, 0-100mm/sn 4-20 mA 5kHz min IP67 %5